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Merry Christmas To All Henry the Young King Readers!

To all Henry the Young King's readers. Greeting! Our blog is taking a break until 8 January, so let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (hopefully full of Henry the Young King)! Here you can find my last year text about where and how Christmas was celebrated at the courts of Henry and his family.
During festive season I'm going to re-read my favourite Devil's Brood by Sharon Kay Penman, but also find a few minutes to pay a visit to my friend Gabriele's Lost Fort in search of Henry's sister Matilda and her husband Heinrich der Löwe [Henry the Lion], Duke of Saxony and Bavaria. I will be staying in a company of Edward II and Piers Gaveston, but also of my friend CrazyCris and a certain Clever Boy.
Stay warm and safe (hopefully we won't have to suffer what Henry and his consort, Marguerite were through on the Christmas night of 1172, when "a thunder was heard in Ireland and England and in all of France generally, Sudden and dire, portending some…

19 December 1154. Coronation of Henry's Parents

On Sunday, 19 December 1154, Henry the Young King's parents were crowned king and queen of England at Westminster Abbey by Theobald Archbishop of Canterbury*. The chronicler Henry of Huntigdonexpressed the feelingsthat must have filled all the hearts in the ravaged by the civil war England: … Henry was crowned and consecrated with becoming pomp and splendour, amidst universal rejoicing, which many mingled with tears of joy!’ (Henry of Huntingdon p.296-97).
The then Henry fitz Empress was staying in Normandy when he learned that on 25 October king Stephen died. ‘… Theobald, archbishop of Canterbury, with many nobles, dispatched messengers in all haste to their now lord the Duke of Normandy, intreating him to come over without delay, and receive the crown of England. Hindered, however, by contrary winds and a stormy sea, as well as other circumstances, it was not till six days before Christmas that, accompanied by his wife and brothers, with a retinue of great nobles and a strong forc…

Saint Nicholas Day 1183 and Other December Anniversaries

On 6 December 1183, six months after Henry the Young King's untimelay death, his father Henry II and his brother-in-law Philip of France met at the peace conference between Gisors and Trie, wherethe former did homage to the latter “for all his lands beyond the sea, whereas before this he had never been willing to do homage to him” (Howden, Vol.II, p.31). The two kings also came to terms over the Norman Vexin, which Philip's half-sister, Marguerite had brought into the Angevin domains in 1160 upon her marriage to the Young Henry. It was agreed that for quitting claims to the Vexin and all the castles and fortresses given to her and her husband by her father Louis VII on their marriage, Marguerite should receive, one thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds money Angevin, "each year at Paris from our lord the king of England and his heirs, as long as she lived" (Howden, Vol II, p.28). They also discussed the fate of Marguerite and Philip’s sister Alais, who had been bet…