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25 November 1120. The White Ship Sinking

Exactly 893 years ago, on a bitterly cold and frosty” night [Orderic Vitalis], the White Ship went down in the waters near Barfleur, taking almost all her passengers to the bottom of the sea. Among them was William Ætheling (b.1103), Henry I's son and heir.… the head which should have worn a crown of gold, was suddenly dashed against the rocks; instead of wearing embroidered robes, he floated naked in the waves; and instead of ascending a lofty throne, he found his grave in the bellies of fishes at the bottom of the sea… [from Henry of Huntingdon,Letter to Walter].                                             William Ætheling (1103-1120), via Wikipedia

Together with the prince perished his half-brother, Richard, king Henry’s bastard son, “one whom we admired for his talents, and from whom we expected great things” Their half-sister, Matilda, wife of Rotrou Count of Mortain [William of Malmesbury calls her the countess of Perche], and Richard, the young earl of Chester [aged twenty-s…

Henry Says "Thank You!"

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of our blog. We have survived in the blogosphere. Hooray! Of course this would not be possible without all the wonderful people we have met. I would like to thank my dear husband, Piotrek for his love and and unwavering support; Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick for my renewed interest in Henry and his tempestuous family; Richard Willis for inviting me and Henry to his blog (and my first offiicial post on Henry) his friendly words of advice and our chats about the Angevins; Paweł and Marcin Fujcik for book supplies; Mateusz Kolek for being a great help in creating our blog; Emilie Laforge, who has become Henry's godmother; Kathryn Warner for her encouragement. kind support and fresh approach to writing about history; Joan Battistuzzi,Anerje, Gabriele C. and Christina Beans Picón for their lovely and thought-provoking comments, Stephanie Churchill Ling and Ken John for all the links and recommendations; also David Pilling, Malcolm Craig…

Happy Anniversary to Henry the Young King

Today marks the first anniversary of Henry the Young King blog! Hooray! I started it exactly a year ago, on 7 November 2012, posting about Henry at the coronation of his brother-in-law, Philip Capet [later Augustus] And here we are still, jauntily conquering blogosphere. To celebrate the joyous occasion I have invited my favourite historian and blogger to answer a few questions about her brilliant blog and offer Henry and me a friendly word of advice for the future. I am deeply honoured to welcome Kathryn Warner. Kathryn grew up in the Lake District in the north-west of England, and gained a BA and an MA with Distinction in medieval history and literature from the University of Manchester.  She spends much of her time researching and writing about King Edward II (1307-1327), and has run a blog about him since December 2005. Kathryn had an article published in the English Historical Review in 2011 and enjoys poring over and translating primary sources of Edward II's reign.  When no…