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One More Time... Invaluable William Marshal.

Still musing over William Marshal's epic life and career in the households of differnet Plantagenet monarchs- first and foremost in the household of Henry the Young King-  I am posting- as a I have promised- by the author's kind permission, links to Marshal Thursdays, wonderful series on Elizabeth Chadwick's brilliant blog. As a matter of fact, the episodes I am linking you to all concern William's young overlord, whom the author of the History described in highly laudatory terms, just like Gervase of Tilbury did in his Otia Imperialia. 
Enjoy then!

The History of William Marshal. Episode 12. We learn of William Marshal's predicament and how the tourneying might have gone quite fishy.
The History of William Marshal. Episode 13. How a grand tournament was held at Eu, and the Young King played the role of judge.
The History of William Marshal. Episode 14. The tournament life again, this time without the Young King, but with the Marshal- singer, dancer, courtier and....…

Two Important May Anniversaries

Two important anniversaries concerning the Young King these days:

On Sunday, 18 May 1152 Henry’s parents, Eleanor of Aquitaine (1124-1204) and Henry fitz Empress (1133-1189) were married in the cathedral of St Pierre, Poitiers, the match that was to result in forging the greatest empire of the 12th century-Europe. Henry, the eldest son of Geoffrey le Bel of Anjou and Empress Matilda, already the duke of Normandy, heir to England, Anjou and Maine was lucky to win the greatest prize on the then marital market- the former queen of France now free to be wed again. Duke William X’s eldest daughter and heiress, Eleanor, two months earlier was divorced, her first marriage declared null and void on grounds of consanguinity. For fifteen years she had been the consort of Louis VII of France(1120-1180), but apparently displeased her husband with bearing him only two daughters, Marie (b.1145) and Alix (b.1151). By marrying Henry fitz Empress just eight weeks after her first marriage was annulled, …

William Marshal (c.1147-14 May 1219) Preux Chevalier

Regent of England, earl of Pembroke and lord of Striguil (Chepstow Castle), tutor in arms to Henry the Young King, and above all epitome of loyalty and devotion, the preux chevalier- most valiant knight, a man who, like one of his liege overlords, Richard the Lionheart, became legend in his own lifetime. Today, exactly 794 years ago, on 14 May 1219, William Marshal lay dying at his manor house of Caversham. Even on his death bed, he never abandoned his fellow knights, for, despite all the honours that had become his part, that is how he must have thought of himself throughout his entire life- he was first and foremost a knight. Thanks to John d'Earley we know that on 13 May, the day before he died, when asked what to do with the rich robes which lay in his wardrobe, the Earl, ignoring his clerk Philip’s suggestion, would have them distributed to his household knights rather than handed over to the Church. “Pentecost is at hand, and my knights ought to have their new robes. This wi…

Henry the Young King and the Clergy

As Ralph of Diceto noted in his Images of History ‘Richard bishop of London died on 5 May [1162]' (p.108). I thought it worth using the occasion to post about Henry the Young King and his relations with the clergy*

Richard de Belmeis II, bishop of London Richard de Belmeis II, bishop of London (1152-1162), former canon and archdeacon of Middlesex and nephew of the former bishop, Richard de Belmeis I appointed in 1108 by Henry I was the bishop, who baptized the young king. The London see and chapter were occupied by a Belmeis- Foliot dynasty (famous Gilbert Foliot was also related to the Belmeis clan) for a large part of the twelfth century (1108-1127 and 1152-1187).
Henry of Pisa** and William of Pavia Since 1156- the year of his elder brother, William’s death- Prince Henry had been his father’s sole heir. In 1158, thanks to the successful mission of the then chancellor, Thomas Becket, he had been betrothed to Marguerite, the third daughter of Louis VII of France. When in 1160 Louis’s…

The Young King's Alert to all the Alert

Elizabeth Chadwick has just posted what we, the Young King's champions, visitors and "passerby" are going to find absolutely fascinating. As you can guess it concerns our young lord of Lesser Land. By Miss Chadwick's kind permission I am including the link to her latest research snippet on her wonderful Living the History blog, the text I've found simply a must-read.