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Those Who Did Not Forget

As you can see I cannot live without Henry and even when I take a blog break my thoughts turn to him. But to the point, 22 July 1183 was the day when Henry's body, ‘wrapped in those linen clothes that had been used at his coronation, and upon which the sacred oil had flowed’, was interred peacefully near the high altar of the Rouen Cathedral, according to the Young King's wish. The citizens of the Norman capital must have been satisfied- after all they had fought tooth and nail to have their first royal burial. You can read about it here.

Fortunately for Henry there were a few friendly souls who did not forget about him the very moment he was buried. First of all, William Marshal fulfilled his dying wish and took his crusader's cloak to the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. He later founded a house of Augustinian canons at his estate of Cartmel,Lancashire,in memory of the two kings he had served: Henry II and Henry the Young King ‘my lord’. In 1184 Geoffrey Duke of Brittany, tog…

Blog Break and Henry the Young King Recommendations

The Henry the Young King Blog is taking a break till around 15 August, but before we say "Goodbye!" there are a few Henry the Young King posts we would like you to read or re-read. Firstly, Charming, Vain, Idle Spendthrift in which I have made a heroic try to take a closer look at Henry's character; secondly, as the 13th July marked the anniversary of William I of Scotland's capture before the walls of Alnwick- the event that brought the Great Revolt of 1173-74 to an end- I would like to recommend my last year's post about it; thirdly, to learn what Henry's contemporaries thought about their young lord, here's my post A Lovely Place of Sin. I still can't believe that I was so lucky to come across the illumination depicting Henry at the coronation of Philippe Auguste. What a find! You can read about it here! Enjoy!
Ms. Marsha Lambert is Henry's guardian angel, but also a writer and reviewer. Here's her brilliant post about the writers of histori…

His Star Is Rising

Today I am deeply honoured to do something for Henry the Young King's great-great-nephew, HM Edward II, one of England's most maligned kings. Edward is really lucky to have someone who, for nine years, has been doing a wonderful job for him, correcting all the misconceptions about him and showing how extraordinary person he really was (something that scarcely anyone is aware of). As it happens Ms Kathryn Warner- for she is Edward's guardian angel- has taken our Henry under her wing somewhere on the way, which we are extremely grateful for (we will never forget all the recommendations and links).

With enormous pleasure I would like to recommend the two-part BBC Two documentary, in which Kathryn appears talking about Edward andPiers Gaveston.
Part one is here. Part two is here (you can see Kathryn at about 21 minutes).

What I find even more exciting is that Kathryn's biography of Edward will be published on 28 October 2014. I am so looking forward to reading it. It is now a…

Six deaths, one wedding and a funeral: July Anniversaries

Over the years July proved to be an eventful month for Henry the Young King and his family. Great battles were won, great battles were lost, sieges were laid, a few dear souls passed away... Let me mention some of these occurances here.
The deaths
Henry II, Henry the Young King father, who departed this world on 6 July 1189. I wrote about his death here.
Matilda (b. 1156), Duchess of Saxony and Bavaria, Henry the Young King's sister, who died either on 28 June or 13 July 1189- the sources differ here- and was buried in Brunswick Cathedral. She was thirty-three.
On 14 July 1223, after long and eventful reign (1179-1223), Philippe II Auguste, king of France and Henry the Young King’s brother-in-law, died. It was him, who, after Richard I the Lionheart’s untimely death, brought the Angevin domination on the Continent to an end.
              Philippe Capet's victory at Bouvines (image via Wikipedia)
On 25 July 1173 Matthew of Boulogne, Henry the Young king's relative and one of his…