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Bur-le-Roi and Other April Anniversaries

1 April 1175. After the Great Rebellion of 1173-74 had been won decisively by Henry II, his three eldest sons could do little else but accept their father’s conditions. Those were determined by the so called Treaty of Falaise (September 1174). On 1 April 1175 Henry the Young King did homage to his father at Bur-le-Roi, one of Henry II's favourite residences, and the two kings were reconciled. 1 April 1179. Henry the Young King and Henry II kept Easter together at Winchester. The Young King had returned to England after three years' absence. He had embarked at Wissant on 26 February (Ralph of Diceto). Roger of Howden gives the Midlent (c.11 March) as the arrival date. If we are to trust Diceto, Henry reached the English shore just in time to celebrate his twenty-fourth birthday in the comapny of his father.
1 April 1204. Henry’s mother, Eleanor, Queen of England and Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right died, having reached the advanced (and unusual for the times she lived in) ag…

April Recommendations and Blog Break

Henry the Young King Blog is taking a break till around 22nd April, but before we say “Goodbye!” to our readers we would like to recommend a few blogposts dealing with Henry the Young King's April anniversaries, and a few brilliant texts by our friends and fellow bloggers.
Here they are:
Our last year's post about eventful 1st April and about Henry the Young King's whereabouts on 10 April 1155.
Wonderful post by our friend Richard Willis about Richard I's death (6 April 1199).
Smash hit by the author Elizabeth Chadwick here (about the new BBC production on William Marshal).
Fascinating and “exotic” post by Edward II's champion, Kathryn Warner, about the Saracens and a Gascon at Edward's court.
Brilliant post by our friend Anerje about creative, inventive and deliberately insulting Piers Gaveston :-)
Highly interesting post by our friend Gabriele about the place where Henry the Young King's brother-in-law, Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, had his famous …