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Henry, Richard and Geoffrey: "Three Sons Bearing Witness to The Fruitfulness of Their Mother"

To celebrate the birthdays of Henry the Young King's younger brothers, Richardand Geoffrey, who were born respectively on 8 September 1157 and 23 September 1158, I have prepared something special. With Ms Sharon Kay Penman's kind permission I would like to share one of my favourite scenes from her bestselling novel Devil's Brood, featuring the three Angevin princes. Their mother, Queen Eleanor, the duchess of Aquitaine in her own right, is kept in close confinement by her husband for the part she played in the Great Revolt of 1173-74, King Henry is pondering the annulment of their marriage, their three oldest sons meet to discuss their mother's and their own future. They come as a united band of brothers this time, just as they are to come in 1181 as the allies of the young Philippe Capet against Philip of Flanders. As Ralph Turner points out in his biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine ' fact that stands out is the devotion to Eleanor demonstrated by her sons in…

A Few Telling and Thought-Provoking Quotes

Today I would like to share a few Henry the Young King quotes with you. They have given me food for thought and made me wonder what kind of  king Henry would make if given a chance. From History of William Marshal: He [Young King Henry] gathered so many worthy men around him that no emperor, king, or count ever had such an expeirenced company, nor would such have been found at any time, for there is no doubt that he had the pick of the bravest young knights in France, Flanders and Champagne. He did not haggle with them, but he acted in such a way that all the worthy men came and joined him.

From The Topography of Ireland by Gerald of Wales: One thing appeares almost miraculous, namely, that almost all the world attached themselves to a man who was totally without resources, either in money or territory.In peace and in private life, he was courteous, affable gentle, and amiable, kindly indulgent to those by whom he chanced to be injured, and far more disposed to forgive than to punish the…