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Merry Christmas To Henry the Young King Readers!

I would love to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all followers of our blog. May 2016 be a blessed and peaceful one and may all your plans come to fruition. We will be back after the Twelve Days of Christmas.On a Christmas note and as a Christmas gift, let me recommend a few interesting texts.

Firstly, one of my previous posts, in which I described Henry the Young King's Christmases over the years.
Young King Henry Looked Out On the Feast of... Christmas
As Christmas is coming with the family meetings, Christmas trees, decorations and presents, let me wish you a wonderful festive season filled with joy, celebrating and carol singing, all the things that were already known and practised by medieval people to commemorate the birth of Christ.
I’ve been wondering how the twelfth-century English king spent the Twelve Days of Christmas. First and foremost, he did not always spend them in England, but also on the Continent (remember: at the time the English king’s conti…

Queen Eleanor and The Young King. Part I (Guest Post)

Today I am delighted to welcome my friend Ulrik Kristiansen to the blog. Ulrik is an expert in the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry the Young King's illustrious lady mother. He is going to share his thoughts on Eleanor/Young Henry relationship with us, from the earliest years of the prince's life till his untimely death on 11 June 1183 and the sad days shortly afterwards. This is the first part in a 4-part series. We may expect the next installements in the upcoming months. Over to you Ulrik...

Thank you, Kasia, for asking me to guest post on your wonderful blog and thus give me a chance to talk even more about one of the Medieval personages that I am already giving live-talks about here in my native Denmark: Young Henry’s formidable mother - queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. I did my best to write something that is informative as well as entertaining for your readers!

Part 1 - Childhood (1155-1163)
Introduction: Much ado about Eleanor
Much ink - real and virtual - has already been s…

His Greatest Triumph... Henry the Young King Biography Is Out!

I have some wonderful news to share! Henry the Young King is going to have his own book out. At last! Professor Matthew Strickland's biography is going to be published on 18 May 2016 and 28 June 2016 in the UK and USA respectively. If truth be told, I have begun to lose hope - all in all it was supposed to come out this year (this was at least what I read last year) and the prolonging silence seemed nothing but ominous to me. Fortunately my worries were groundless and here it is! As we can read:

"This first modern study of Henry the Young King, eldest son of Henry II but the least known Plantagenet monarch, explores the brief but eventful life of the only English ruler after the Norman Conquest to be created co-ruler in his father's lifetime. Crowned at fifteen to secure an undisputed succession, Henry played a central role in the politics of Henry II's great empire and was hailed as the embodiment of chivalry. Yet, consistently denied direct rule, the Young King was p…