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Rewriting Henry the Young King

Many thanks to the anonymous commentator who has  recently expressed his disapproval of one of my posts. Apparently, till now I haven't had a clue that Henry the Young King was famed for being tournament champion and patron, and  - here let me quote - "too bad I have completely missed it" in the text entitled A Few Facts About Henry the Young King... Seriously. True - the title may have indicated that such an information would be included, but the afore-mentioned anonymous reader hasn't bothered to check it was a two-part post and that I have discussed Henry's brilliant career as a patron and participant in a few other separate posts as well. Here they are: "All Those Who Saw You..." Henry the Young King in the Tournament World
"Alas! How Chivalry Is Now Dead and Buried"
"Charming, Vain, Idle Spendthrift"
Plus, you are going to find a whole separate chapter on Henry and his tournament career in David Crouch's excellent Tournament.