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'An Act Without Example in this Kingdom': Samuel Daniel on Henry the Young King's Coronation

Two months have passed since my copy of Henry the Young King biography by Professor Matthew Strickland arrived and I think it is a high time to make my reflections and thoughts into a series of posts.
Since I did not realize that Samuel Daniel, poet and historian closely associated with the court of King James I of England and Queen Anne of Denmark, discussed Henry's life and career in his Collection of the History of England (1618) - deep gratitude towards Professor Strickland for bringing it to my attention - let me begin with Henry's reputation and how he was remembered and perceived back in the 17th century, for as it turns out,  he was not utterly forgotten at the time.                                         Henry Frederick c. 1610 by Robert Peake the Elder (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Daniel's work dedicated to the royal couple, especially the part in which he reflected on the career of Henry II's eldest surviving son and heir, must have  - as Professor Strckland points…

Queen Eleanor's Sense of Sorrow. A Guest Post about Eleanor of Aquitaine's Reactions to The Young King's Death

Today I am delighted to welcome my friend Ulrik Kristiansen with the last installment of his four-part Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry the Young King series, in which he is going to discuss the mother's reaction to the sad tidings about the untimely death of her second-born son. Over to you, Ulrik...
Finally I can share with you my last post about Eleanor and Henry the Young’s relation. You can read the first three posts  here, here and here.
You readers know of course that Henry the Young King met his untimely end in the summer of 1183, only 28 years old. He died of dysentery whilst campaigning once again against his estranged father, King Henry II. In this post I’ll try to see that sad event from the perspective of his mother, Queen Eleanor, who still at the time was in custody (imprisoned, if you will) at Salisbury Castle in England, due to her participation in the failed 1173-rebellion against Henry II.

You can read two excellent posts by Kasia about the last days of The Young Kin…