Henry Says "Thank You!"

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of our blog. We have survived in the blogosphere. Hooray! Of course this would not be possible without all the wonderful people we have met. I would like to thank my dear husband, Piotrek for his love and and unwavering support; Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick for my renewed interest in Henry and his tempestuous family; Richard Willis for inviting me and Henry to his blog (and my first offiicial post on Henry) his friendly words of advice and our chats about the Angevins; Paweł and Marcin Fujcik for book supplies; Mateusz Kolek for being a great help in creating our blog; Emilie Laforge, who has become Henry's godmother; Kathryn Warner for her encouragement. kind support and fresh approach to writing about history; Joan Battistuzzi, Anerje, Gabriele C. and Christina Beans Picón for their lovely and thought-provoking comments, Stephanie Churchill Ling and Ken John for all the links and recommendations; also David Pilling, Malcolm Craig, Darren Baker, Marsha Harrington Lambert, Sonja Koch, Sarah Butterfield, Teka Lynn, Rowan Lewgolan....

Special thanks to Koby Itzhak, who has never failed the Young King when writing about the English kings named Henry (those of you who make regular visits to Sharon Kay Penman's blog know what I mean).


  1. You are most welcome. I just wish I could be as dedicated as you - you are Henry's worthy champion!

  2. Thank you, Anerje! I do my best to keep the posts going :-)

  3. Congratulations of your 1st anniversary! How time flies! You've accomplished a huge feat in creating an informative, interesting, ongoing story of the young king & his world. Wishing you continued success!

    Kasia, I hope you've received my recent email.

    PS….thank you for the mention…..I love your posts.

    1. Thank you, Joan :-) Yes, I've received your e-mail. I will reply as soon as I can :-) (probably on Monday).

  4. Happy anniversary, Henry and Kasia. :-)


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