Remembering Sharon Kay Penman

August 13th marks the birthday anniversary of one of the greatest authors of historical fiction of all time. Had she lived Sharon Kay Penman would have turned 76. Unfortunately, she passed away this past January, leaving the world deprived of all the books she still could have written. She was not only a favourite historical fiction author of mine, but also a pen friend. We stayed in touch, emailing each other for ten years. I have been honoured and blessed to be called by Sharon "her Polish friend". To celebrate her 76th birthday I have written a few words for Here they are:

Sharon Kay Penman is the author of ten critically acclaimed historical novels: The Sunne in SplendourHere be DragonsFalls the ShadowThe ReckoningWhen Christ and his Saints SleptTime and ChanceDevil’s BroodLionheartA King’s Ransom and The Land Beyond the SeaShe has also written four medieval mysteries: The Queen’s ManCruel as the GraveDragon’s Lair, and Prince of DarknessContinue reading.


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