Henry the Young King Takes Centre Stage

Wonderful news! I have just found out that Professor Matthew Strickland's book on Henry the Young King has been accepted for publication. As I am reading, it is "the first full length study for a century of the eldest son and principal heir of Henry II". How very exciting! Detailed information here.

Professor Strickland is already Henry's benefactor.  His “On the Instruction of a Prince: the Upbringing of Henry, the Young King” in Henry II: New Interpretations can be called, no more no less, but the turning point of Henry's posthumous career :-) Those of you, who would like to learn more about the Young King than the standard "rebellious son", "second Absalom" and "charming, vain, idle spendthrift" should read Professor Strickland's works. Henry the Young King can also be found in his War And Chivalry: The Conduct And Perception Of War In England And Normandy, 1066-1217.


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