Edward II: The Unconventional King Blog Tour

Wonderful news for all those who would like to learn more about Henry the Young King's great-great-nephew Edward II from a long-awaited biography by Ms Kathryn Warner that has been oficially released on 28 October 2014: Ms Warner is going on a blog tour this week to promote her book. You can meet her at the following blogs:

28 October: A general introduction to Edward II, his reign and his ancestry at Christy K. Robinson's Rooting for Ancestors blog.

29 October: A post about Edward II and his children at Medievalists.net.

30 October: Edward and the Despensers at Susan Higginbotham's blog.

31 October: An interview with Gareth Russell on his blog.

1 November: Edward II and Piers Gaveston at Anerje's Piers blog.
2 November: Edward II and his household at Annette's Impressions in Ink.

3 November: Edward II and his rustic pursuits at Becky's The Medieval World.

4 November: An interview and book giveaway with Olga at Nerdalicious.

5 November: Edward II and his 12th century ancestry at Henry the Young King

Ms Warner has kindly agreed to pay a visit to Henry the Young king blog, too. Hooray! We will have the rare honour to entertain her on 5 November. You are warmly welcome.


Kathryn Warner’s new book, ‘Edward II: The Unconventional King’, is available to buy now at the Amberley website: www.amberleybooks.com, precisely here.
Visit Kathryn’s blog here: http://edwardthesecond.blogspot.co.uk/.


  1. Kasia, thanks so much for this lovely post, and so looking forward to writing a guest post for you! :-)

    1. Thank YOU, Kathryn! :-) I am looking forward to your post, too.

  2. Can't wait to get my copy of Kathryn's book. I have shared on fb. Take care! xx

  3. I know what I'm doing this w/end........taking the blog tour.

    Thanks Kasia for keeping us in the loop!

    Cheers, Joan

  4. That's what you get for not being online for a few days: Lots of reading up to do. ;-)

    And National Novel Writing Month has just begun, so I should not spend my time procrastinating. I still will, the internet always wins *grin*, though Kathryn's book has to wait until December.


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