Happy Birthday to Henry the Young King!

Happy Birthday to Henry the Young King who was born exactly 860 years ago today, on 28 February 1155, in the manor of Bermondsey, London, as the second son of Henry II of England (b. 1133) and Eleanor (b.1124), Queen of England and Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right. I wrote about Henry's birth here plus I would love to recommend a moving scene in Ms Elizabeth Chadwick's Winter CrownToday I want to mention that before he was safely delivered into this world, Henry could already boast about sea-crossing in a violent storm and attending, no more no less, but a coronation. Further details here. Using the occasion, I would like to thank all the lovely people whose unwavering support made our blog what it is today, the realm of Henry the Young King, with its sovereign hopefully not as much forgotten as a few years ago.

Many thanks to two very special ladies, who never cease to inspire our work in the Young King's chancery, Ms Sharon Kay Penman and Ms Elizabeth Chadwick. To Ms Marsha Lambert and Ms Stephanie Churchill Ling for being our Guardian Angels; Ms Kathryn Warner for her encouragement, kind support and fresh approach to writing about history. To Ms AnerjeMs Joan BattistuzziMs Gabriele C. for their lovely and thought-provoking comments; ; to Mr Richard Willis for inviting me and Henry to his blog (and my first offiicial post on Henry), his friendly words of advice and our chats about the Angevins; Ms Emilie Laforge, who has become Henry's godmother; also Mr David Parr, Mr Ken John, Ms Maria GraceMr David PillingMr Darren Baker, Ms Sonja Koch (our Dear Kleine Dame aus Berlin), Ms Elisabeth Millard, Ms Paula Lofting, Ms Jayne Smith, Mr Koby Itzhak, Ms Sarah Butterfield, Ms Karin Durette, Ms Teka Lynn, Mr Valentino Krizanić, and Mr Roman Wysocki. Special thanks to Mr Malcolm Craig for being My Friend in the Twelfth-Century History. I hope I have mentioned all the lovely people who have supported us in our efforts to bring the Young King to life. Thank you!

Written by Katarzyna Ogrodnik-Fujcik


  1. I have grown rather fond of the Young King.. His birth day must have been one of the happiest days of his parents lives.

  2. Kasia, I'm sure we wouldn't have known as much about the young king as we do because of your hard work, you bring him to life and I know I have learnt so much, and will continue to do so, you are his champion, and long may you continue to be so.xxx :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Henry! Like Anerje, I've grown very fond of him :)

    Thank you for the mention xx

  4. A very Happy Birthday to Henry!


  5. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words, everyone! Hopefully, Henry knows how many friends he has :-)

  6. I tried to comment several times on this birthday and it didn't take. Trying again... A belated (at this point) happy birthday to you, Henry! I'm enjoying reading about your toddler years via Elizabeth Chadwick's wonderful novel, Winter Crown right now. Oh, to know what your reign would have been like had circumstances (and your father's tendencies) been different! Thanks for the mention, Kasia of the lovely name. :-)


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